We had a great time opening cards and gifts from everyone! We just have to say, for anyone who wonders if the card or the sentiment matters, it does. reading everyone's best wishes for us was a very emotional and wonderful experience. Several people actually contributed to charities and other non-profit organizations in our names, which is really great. We still have people asking us what we want, so we thought we'd leave this section up for anyone who still needs the information.

We had originally asked for people to donate to disaster relief efforts in our names, but it seems that those organizations have more money than they can deal with at the moment. Meanwhile, many other charitable organizations have lost a lot of their donor support.

Heifer International
The Heifer Project is an organization that Dave has visited and that we both feel particularly strongly about. Your donation provides livestock and training to people throughout the world, so that instead of giving a one-time handout, you are providing the means for a family to become self-sufficient. They even have a special program for Afghan refugees in Pakistan.

Your favorite LOCAL charity: trying to fix the world is a daunting task, but cleaning up your own backyard is a great place to start.