Welcome to the Wedding Page of Mr. and Mrs. Lambert!

We'll maintain this for as long as it seems necessary/appropriate. If there's anything you'd like us to add, please ask!

We hope everyone enjoyed the ceremony and the reception. We had a great time, except we didn't get to spend nearly enough time with any of you.

We also did not get a chance to thank everyone who helped make everything happen. To begin with, we thank all of you for helping us celebrate. Even if we barely got to speak to you, it was wonderful to see you all and your presence makes the photos even more fun. We will thank everyone individually, but just for the record, here is a list of people without whom the wedding and reception would not have happened at all:
  • Our Parents: For moral and financial support, suggestions, help whenever it was asked for, patience and love. You helped our dreams come true.
  • Eileen: For risking the international flight, support of all kinds, hugs.
  • Lily: For being the best ringbearer ever.
  • Sarah B and Allison Woodman: For the most wonderful, fabulous, amazing cake ever.
  • Marie, Stella and Louise: For lighting up the ceremony with your incredible voices.
  • Pastor Sue: Can't forget the Pastor! Thanks for listening to us and helping us to work out exactly what we wanted to say.
  • Brian & Heather: Brian really was the Best Man (particularly his skill with saran wrap) and Heather did a fantastic job with the Guest Book.
  • Shannon and Brian: Shannon survived Kathleen, provided beautiful jewelry, and was a perfect Maid of Honor. Brian survived both Shannon and Kathleen while performing all chauffeur duties, errand running and providing throat lozenges and coffee.
  • Jane: For the research and planning of the Rehearsal Dinner, as well as help checking out hotels. We had a great time!
  • Sue: For frog slippers, last-minute bridal shoe shopping, and other acts of kindness.
  • Stephanie and Marco: For the sound system and last minute CD burning.
  • Henry: For emceeing the reception, provided order, comic relief and a CD player.
  • Genevieve: for preventing the occasion from becoming a re-enactment of "The Emperor's New Clothes" by introducing Kathleen to a wonderful dressmaker.