We did not have a professional photographer, so we're hoping that any of you who took photos will be willing to share! If so, there are several options for getting the photos to us.

You can send us a duplicate set of the photos, or send us the photos and negs, we'll make dupes of what we like and send all the originals back to you.

If you haven't developed your film already, when you send it in for processing you can ask for the images to be archived to disk (it's a checkbox on the envelopes they give you). They will put high-resolution copies on a CD-ROM, and provide a contact sheet. This costs about $3 a roll, which we'll happily pay for. Please don't check off to have them put up on the Internet. The image quality is not as good, even if the service is Kodak's, and getting the images is troublesome at best. The only good option we've found for online services is ofoto.com (see below), which is a Kodak service, but much better than any other Kodak's or non-Kodak online service.

We have started an "account" (it's free) on Kodak's Ofoto site, where we will be posting our photos. We can't recommend the site enough. If you take regular film, for $2.99 they'll develop the negatives and post the photos online for you (no prints, but they can be ordered as reprints for 49¢ each, I believe). If you have a digital camera or photos you've scanned yourself, you can just post them to your account on ofoto directly (Drag and Drop). Ofoto also has free image-editing software (very low-end, but gets rid of demonic red-eye issues).

The benefit of using ofoto.com vs posting the photos on you own site is that ofoto automatically compresses your images to thumbnail size while storing the full-size image for making reprints. The site is much faster than regular sites with a lot of thumbnails, plus you can add titles and descriptions for each photo.

You can edit the online photos either by bringing them down to your desktop or using their online software. Once you have them the way you want, you can send a link to the photo album(s) to anyone you want. They can view and order reprints of any of the photos they want. If any of you are considering sharing photos, this is really the way to go. A co-worker of Kathleen's used it for his honeymoon photos. The site is wonderfully easy to use and the reprints were great.