The Wedding Rings

The image across the top of this page is our wedding rings. In a nutshell, from left to right:
Ted the Bug is from one of our favorite comic books, "Bone". He's sort of a Jiminy Cricket-type. He represents listening to our gut feelings. He also represents art, being a comic book character and all.
The three circles represent a lot of things. Family, God-the-Universe-and-Everything, etc. We started out with an Alpha and Omega symbol (for the beginning, the end and everything in-between), but when the woman carving the rings asked "Why do you want an anarchy A on your wedding rings?", we decided maybe that wasn't such a good idea.
The three wavy lines represent water. You know: the foundation of life, water-skiing, oceans, that sort of thing.
The treble clef represents music.
The stars and "Milky Way" were used to tie all the elements together, but they also represent Life, the Universe and everything.

The rings were designed by us and made by a wonderful woman named Jade Moran. She is a jeweller in Kathleen's old neighborhood of Somerville, MA. She is a joy to work with and we cannot recommend her highly enough, if you have any need for custom metal work. She makes just about anything jewelry-related, including tiaras.